A recent study at Louisiana State University whose results were published in The Journal of Diabetes and its Complications has found that a supplement including blueberry extract, oat bran cellulose, and inulin (a common oligosaccharide of fructose) may have positive effects for those suffering from diabetes.

The blueberry extract contained polyphemols which naturally occur in the fruit. As they pass through the digestive system they remain intact until getting to the large intestine where bacteria can break them down.

The study consisted of giving 15 obese people the supplement and 15 a placebo over a four week period. The results found that those taking the supplement had improved glucose tolerance and satiety. The satiety may have been caused by an increase in fasting PYY concentration, a peptide which causes hunger suppression. Those taking the supplement reported increased flatulence and higher levels of short chained fatty acids (SCFAs) were observed in their stools.

Whereas the study group was small, it does give hope for those with eating disorders.