Freezing blueberries has little effect on anthocyanin content

20th May 2015|

A study from the University of Nitra in Slovakia found that freezing has little effect on the anthocyanin properties of […]

Antioxidant capacity and health benefits of fruits and vegetables

31st July 2012|

The polyphenolic components present within blueberries may have multiple health benefits which at this point are difficult to understand. The […]

Anthocyanins in Cardiovascular Disease

31st July 2012|

Advances in Nutrion in an article entitled Anthocyanins in Cardiovascular Disease by Taylor C. Wallace noted that whereas much still […]

Why anti oxidants?

31st July 2012|

You have probably read a lot about anti oxidants and why you need an anti oxidant diet but do you […]

Anthocyanins have anti tumour effect

7th May 2011|

A 1997 study in Japan found that bioflavonoids extracted from red soybeans were effective in inhibiting the growth of tumours […]