A recent study from Harvard University suggests that eating blueberries may assist with weight loss. The study involved more than 133,000 adults in the United States whose diets were analysed for the period between 1986 and 2010.

The results found those who ate a handful (around 80g.) of blueberries each day lost more than half a kilogram over a four-year period, compared to those people who did not eat blueberries or ate some other fruits and vegetables.

The researchers took into account lifestyle variables such as smoking status, physical activity and diet.

They found that in a four-year period, participants who ate an extra daily serving of fruit shed 0.24 kilograms, and an extra daily serving of vegetables, 0.11 kilograms.

“The benefits of increased consumption were greater for fruits than for vegetables and strongest for berries, apples and pears, tofu and soy, cauliflower, and cruciferous and green leafy vegetables,” wrote lead author Monica Bertoia from Harvard’s School of Public Health in PLOS Medicine in September 2015. “Increased satiety with fewer calories could be partly responsible for the beneficial effects of increasing fruit and vegetable intake. We found that many vegetables were inversely associated with weight change, but starchy vegetables such as peas, potatoes, and corn had the opposite association in which increased intake was associated with weight gain’.