Who Are We?

legucin-logo-noweLifeberry’s plantation was started in 2000 when the Legucki family made what must have been thought at the time to be a ridiculous decision to grow blueberries.  The crop was then virtually unknown in Poland, the very first attempts to grow it in this country had only been attempted a few years earlier and then only on an experimental basis.  The area around the plantation is rich in apple and cherry orchards and there is also a lot of strawberry, red currant and black currant production too.  So why blueberries?

The decision however paid off, after a few years British retail chains were interested in purchasing the high quality blueberries grown here.  Interest in Poland also is growing although most of the fresh crop from here is exported.

At the same time, Arkadiusz Legucki started to experiment with making juices and jams.  It took more than 14 years to come up with the high products which you can enjoy today which includes the very high nutritive value of the blueberry juice and crushed berry products.